Welcome to Safe Tee Water

To help cost-effectively provide sanitary drinking water for your guests, We have engineered a practical solution — Safe-Tee Water.

This unique, patented system utilizes a sealed fill hose that injects water directly into disposable liners in a manner that’s resistant to outside contaminants both during and after filling. The Safe-Tee Water system is the only NSF-certified system currently available for use in 10 gallon insulated coolers and is the only system that uses a 100% sealed liner.

Your safest option has huge advantages:

  • There’s no outside contact with anything.
  • Safe-Tee Water greatly reduces the labor needed to meet current water cooler sanitation requirements.
  • Alternatives are very expensive and have additional factors to consider.
  • The FDA Food Code requires the use of dispensers with ANSI accredited certification, standard insulated coolers which are not NSF Certified do not meet food code requirements.
  • nsfSafe Tee Water is NSF Certified and meets all food code specifications.
You do not need new coolers

This system converts commonly used insulated coolers to utilize sanitary disposable liners. The liners are filled with a custom hose in a completely sealed configuration that protects the beverage from outside contaminates both during and after filling.

Safe Tee Water:

  • Utilizes disposable liners that are filled on-site as needed
  • Eliminates all environmental and human contact with the water
  • Eliminates all the cleaning and sanitizing tasks set forth in government guidelines
  • Eliminates concerns regarding ice storage and contamination Is the only system available that every surface the water contacts is disposable

Safe Tee Water was designed because insulated coolers get dirty and harbor bacteria. Even if they are cleaned and sanitized before every use they can be health hazards because the water remains exposed.